Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ma ecriture a les gens aux Moyen-Orient (English Post)

About two weeks ago i wrote this comment as a reaction on a popular news agency website, i was greatly impressed by the response and the opinion of people i got. I decided to share it on my blog. its been a while!

I think many folks will benefit more from protest to middle-east heavyweights like Saudi Arabia to foster freedom of opposition groups and expression of diverse opinions within people in their own country rather than accusing Europe or America.

The realization of this group of people that they have certain rights to organize themselves and make their voices heard should follow the western philosophy of using protests only to make their voices heard without deaths and casualties, and work towards the freedom of the media to represent and project the voices of the people either minor groups or major. The violence seen in protests is contrary to the concept of protests, a protest is not same as a riot.

The US will not be an issue if someone takes responsible in creating a region where people can have different opinions and not fear force or military crackdown while expressing it for or against government or other institutions.

I can understand that America seeks his own interest and ways to increase the prosperity of his people (every serious institution does), what I do not understand is a government that threatens and slaughter its own people and a region where people who can offer real assistance don't say much words but "Peace be unto you" amidst massive human rights violation and poverty induced by huge selfishness of Leaders oppressing their own people.

Back to Syria, Turkey has been calling for military intervention in Syria for a while now and reports say the likes of Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been arming rebels for a longtime, So why do some still think burning US flags is the solution to their problems. The Solution to the crisis within the arab-world lies in the need for this people to learn more to tolerate themselves and tolerate the world.

A Map showing the middle-east.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Who invented racism?

I checked my computer’s wordweb dictionary and it gave two definitions for racism. First it is defined as “The prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races” and the second definition is any “Discriminatory or abusive behaviour towards members of another race”. These definitions are very okay by me. Thankfully the Publishers of the dictionary did not put Black race in their definition neither did they mention any race, this alone surprised me because to help understand words better, I am used to this dictionary giving me examples, But you can’t blame them you know? Someone could gladly sue them for racism, if they did!
The word has become so important and sensitive with so much bias around it, sometimes someone is just lying in wait for you to say one careless joke or a seemingly harmless word and before you know it, you are in the Courtroom answering racism charges, especially if you are white, although a man of colour might have said a similar or worse thing and no one takes him to a law court. Thank God I am Black, and proud to be.
I dislike racists and frown sternly at clear racism reports, but Today let us look at an aspect of racism that only a writer of my background can dare take the Liberty to analyse, because no one is interested in sueing me. And if you have two guys of same race in before a Judge, he’ll probably just say “brothers resolve your disputes and go home, there’s no ground for this court to consider this racism charge… Next case please”.
After years of fighting against discrimination, many nations now have a new generation who will judge you by your ability and achievement rather than your race, they’ll praise you if you do well and boldly confront or rebuke you if you do otherwise, I see nothing wrong in such a society, if everything is done in love and an open mind. Sadly some of us have not broken away from the ages of slavery and discrimination, some folks take almost everything personal, believing that anything any one does to them was racially aggravated especially if the guy in culprit position is white and you are not.
This is just an eye opener, as I am not in the position to judge anyone’s decision and I genuinely show solidarity and share in the pains of all those who go through some clear racism around the world, I hear and read this news all the time and oftentimes from countries like Italy and Germany we hear racism reports that comes top on the list in far away Africa. I wish every Italian and German as well as everyone in the world can understand that all men are created equal.
However, we at the receiving end still need to look inwards and resolve some of the complexes we have that trigger us to too quickly assume we are being treated in a particular way because of our colour. I heard a story of a group of Pilots working in Africa, where the Indigenous Pilots have some things against the foreign Pilots, one known reason (if there are others) is because the foreign pilots somehow get like 1month off, whereas the indigenous pilots only get like 3weeks. Should such cause issues? Should they not have realized that any White guy left a family in far away America , Europe and etcetera, and in my own opinion if there is no other matter involved asides the extra days off, the Africa based airline has done nothing wrong.

You can be proud of  yourself to a level that the thought that a person’s action to you was racially aggravated would be the last thing on your mind, Mr Barack Obama must have had such great self esteem and believe, if he was picking a fight with every white guy he had any issue with, I don’t think he’ll ever get where he is today.
Personally, if anyone ever calls me a monkey, I’ll certainly laugh, it’s either he’s sincerely kidding or he isn’t educated or educated without vast knowledge, as a monkey can easily be black or white. It is very possible he addresses even his parents with more elaborate zoological names, and if his family isn't offended, why should I? The only day I can remember ever feeling racially abused was on one fateful they when a Protocol official at a bank building delayed me at a post for long after I told him who I came to see, and very easily allowed a white guy he didn't know into the office complex without verifying who he was looking for. 
Please note however that this Protocol Officer in question is black as well. You can imagine how I must have felt.  It gives you a feeling that many of us are more aware of colour in a very low esteem more than any offender. 
We now have an association for everything (Association of Black Comedians, Association of Black Writers, Association for Black Journalists, Association of Black this and Black that!!!, seems we have been guilty of even discriminating the white, for instance, if any one forms an Association of White Readers, then he is in trouble, he is considered a racist) Whatever you care for hurts you the most, we shouldn't care too much about racism or whoever invented racism. If there’s any truth in this write up, I urge us all irrespective of our race to live peacefully in friendship and renew our mind like my bible urges in Romans 12:1.
Anyway the Bank protocol officer i mentioned earlier, did apologize and I did not tell the person I went to see (a very senior staff) a single word of it, I didn't take it any further, I considered his act a small error that could have easily blown up to destroy him, but why should a family man get a query or lose his job because of my failure to forgive when I could? In the same vein I think we should allow many racism cases (some of which are fuelled by lawyers) to end with simple sincere apologises and not drag them all the way to the courtroom. The stop of racism begins with you and I, letting people know when we feel offended, being kind enough to accept their apology rather than being eager to join the business of making money from Litigations. We must choose between making money and making personal, communual and societal commitments to stop racism.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Coming Soon... A Dreamliner's Nightmare.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

ET SI C’ETAIT VOUS -An Echo from Syria.

Imagine you are in some sort of interview or examination, and someone ask you this question “who is Killing Syrians?”, and if you are one of those who prefer objectives, let’s say you were giving the following options (a) Assad (b) Syrian Rebels (c) Countries who have failed to help (d) All of the Above, would you choose any of the four options.

I know a man called Kofi Annan, he is from Ghana, He was sent as UN Envoy to Syria and He resigned his appointment. Let me put it this way, I think he just decided not to waste his time. I heard a TV interview of him recently, and I think I can remember vividly a word he used pertaining to the circumstances that caused him to tender his resignation, that word was “Lip-Service”. I’ll come back to Kofi Annan later.
Back to our imaginary test, what if question number two says “Why is the world watching Syria for almost 2years now with about 60,000 civilian casualties according to UN figures?; Options (a) Because they are waiting for America or NATO (b) Because they were unaware of the Situation on ground in Syria (c) Because they are afraid of the likes of Russian and Iran (d) None of the Above. What option are you likely to tick.
ET SI C’ETAIT VOUS in English literally means AND IF IT WAS YOU, if it was South Africa or this Civil war was in Gambia or Mexico or Malaysia or just randomly name countries, would this type of crisis in Syria have continued for these long. Would Mr. Kofi Annan have resigned his job? One of the lessons a Syrian child today would have been told by now by his parent is to watch the type of friends you keep. Some friends, especially the talkative ones usually do not care, and not only will they not help; they always hinder those who can help.
 Ladies and Gentlemen, Do you know that although the scenario in Mali is a little different, Neither the Taureg Rebels in Mali nor Government forces have destroyed up to one-tenth the Lives or properties destroyed in Syria during battles, before France acted rather promptly deciding to send in her troops and influenced West African countries like Nigeria to immediately follow suit. According to the speech made by French President, Francois Hollande in defense of the troops deployment, He said the decision was taken so that Mali does not become a Terrorist haven. My final question is, Are there not reports of larger numbers of Terrorist labeled groups fighting in Syria alongside the free Syrian army, if yes? Why has the UN or EU restrained from Syria.
You should tune in to stations like Press TV (Iran), RT (Russia Today) and CCTV News (China) then endeavour to instruct your satellite or cable or browse Youtube or  whatever to show you Aljazeera, CNN or BBC. Compare what you see; this is something I have tried, Carefully Observe the diverse perspectives and discrepancies in how each reports the crisis in Syria; I bet you, Most of your questions about the prolonged crisis in Syria will be answered within few hours.
It’s no news that we live in a diversified world, however I have long discovered how funny a world we live, if you don’t have a mind of your own, a liberal mind, then you are only a tool in the hands of someone else. I hope a time will come when political differences, religious differences, ethnic differences and legalism will not be given as excuse for unwarranted loss of lives. Can anyone hear the screams of thousands in aleppo, homs and Idlib? The everyday mass killing in syria has to stop.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

How does the Grumbling get switched off

       Unbelievable, Unconceivable and Unimaginable, these are the first three adjectives I can lay my hands on at the moment. Today’s post will review Accountability in Government and Leadership. Do leaders owe citizens explanations for their actions, if yes? Is the Judiciary exempted from public questions? If no? Who on this planet really cares about others? Their Beliefs and Human Rights?
What baffles me and gets me wondering is why many controversial events take place around us without any one providing satisfactory explanation or any explanation at all. Sometimes like the people of caracas, we are left in dark on important issues. Even when there is Light, precisely that of electricity and there’s an explanation , often-times unacceptable, talk of the sudden cancellation of TV Soap Opera Nua Mek on Thai channel 3 on the Grounds of inappropriate content.
It amazing how Authorities get away with questionable decision, in many cases not only do they go unchallenged but they are however swift to question followers each time they make their decision… Good example; Fifa President Blatter who once said there is no racism in football and got away with that shocking statement had no restraint challenging AC milan’s Boateng for walking off the pitch after being racial abused during a football match.

I thought we had passed the era of Killing young children, I was taught and believe that a Scot, Mary Slessor helped stop the Killing of Twins in Nigeria, such barbaric acts are forbidden even in the most remote parts of Africa like a team of reporters recently put together a documentary aired on Thursday on Aljazeera against killing of children often tagged Evil Children in places such as Yua community in Northern Ghana on the basis of their disability and other fetish beliefs under the ugly deceit of ancient traditional religion. But for a country as civilized as the United States one wonders the rationale behind the death of the 16-year Old American teenager killed by a drone last year in Yemen, We ask questions everyday but rarely get answers.
Anyway, World leaders like Assad and Francois Bozize need not be told that the word Rebels and Terrorists doesn’t mean the same thing. Pakistani authorities should explain if there is any credibility in the claim that their police officers couldn't prevent an angry mob when they captured and burnt a man under their custody accused of blasphemy, when he hadn't been found guilty by a court of law and most recently, Like many around the world, I also wonder while Saudi authorities despite international appeals and pleas from Sri Lankan authorities still beheaded Nafeek Rizana after a baby under her care died, although she was reportedly a minor (below 17-years when the incident happened ). If no one answers questions, it shouldn't stop us from asking.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

You are quite funny!

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"Watagawn Watagawn gawn" trying out a Jamaican accent, all I just said was what’s up. You are quite funny if you think the concept of Change is a dry mundane topic only picked up when people are frustrated, Then Please you need to have a re-think…  first to kindly take note, if you don’t get the gist in this post then you don’t even know what has been going on around you, and you need to visit this blog on a more regular basis more than anyone else.
With the Year changing its name just recently, precisely four days ago, already with daring Changes and intriguing news, we might as well have a case of a 4month Old baby with teeth! For Instance, if you are a soccer follower, it’s quite unlikely that you'll be shocked to hear that Mario slapped a Ref or that Petr Cech is now a centre forward in Benitez's unpredictable first team.
In any case, if the talk about English football sounds Greek to you, this New Year indicates that changing nationality and even language might no longer be an issue if you have enough to pay as Taxes like French Actor Gerald Depardieu, but you must unlike world no.1 golfer Mcilroy be firm on who you want to please.
The thing about pleasing people is that the World is yet to be Kind enough to appreciate individual sacrifices though I do not think that’s a good enough reason for a Brazilian teenager to auction her virginity, it’s absolutely crazy and amazing how easy guys can bid for sex and how difficult it is for them to make a simple donation to the confused 18-year-old.
The message is quite clear, to help the world is to help yourself, as you keep doing good things you lift your friends up as well, because oftentimes the people around us are the first to greatly benefit from our good works, hold on a second, if we ignore Kobe Bryant’s good form and LAKERS losing streak, this principle is usually true everywhere else.
There are 4real answers such as “see it for yourself!”  For those in Asia’s biggest economy, China who have in the past asked some nations the “what can you do?” questions, quite simply, I hope Xi Jinping know that to address their recent economic challenges, they might also have to learn to be a little bit more respectful especially to their next door neighbours and to their old friend. While I hope the most populated african nation, Nigeria can solve 4real questions such as why citizens of the current sixth nation in oil production still have to go through nightmares to get fuel to meet their consumption.
On a much brighter note Malala Yousufzai was discharged from the Hospital yesterday adding to the list of terrorism's failure to conquer our fight for a world of peaceful co-existence, freedom and opportunities for all. I don’t know how long she stays in the United Kingdom, but in case she finds an Indian suitor, I am sure she has lots of friends in India who will be eager to find out the kind of guy he is.
I am absolutely convinced that 2013 holds more drama than its predecessor, I can’t wait to see which governments take the bold and unbelievable moves this years, although some of us know some governments are like stand-up comedians that just love to talk. China has stepped up courageously against smoking habits, and while Russia is looking to deal fiercely with alcohol addicts, seems Syrian rebels just found out Turkey must be very special as the US government is obviously more rational about many of the things they did lavishly in the past such as sending troops abroad as if for recreation, although some government folks in America still do the “unthinkable” ,like legalizing Marijuana for recreational uses!, good news for some in Mexico but completely hilarious to many around the world, that’s a bit of 2012.
Hope you’ve been engaged? Or what were you thinking this Blog is about? Fasten your seat belt, We are just about to take off. Get READY for a real blog experience. Be rest assured that Change is interesting and can be exciting. Since we are all involved in Changes let’s discuss and analyse it together. Send me an email soon; I’ll be glad to hear from you.
Finally I’ll just like to wish the pupils of Sandy Hook Elementary School a lovely term as they get back to learning. I pray these kids grow up to be part of and effect good change in the society.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

CHAPTER ONE (The Introduction)

Change is a persistent voice often too good to be true.
Change is an inevitable neighbour you may ignore.
Change is irresitible.
Change is easy to imagine often hard to achieve.
Change is a dream we have while awake.
Change is concievable.
Change is talked about everytime in every place.
Change is always in the news.
Change is contagious.
Change is a deviation from old ways tested to fail.
Change is a breath of fresh air.
Change is a lifeline.
There is a lot to say about Change,
explicitly at the beneficiary's interest, Change is a lender that charges no interest.
Like a patient spouse that will not file a divorce suit as long as you live.
Like a lawyer that can get u a parole even when it couldn't stop you from getting a jail term.

The story of Change is an irony,
though available on sale almost at every store around town,
yet there's excess of demand over supply.
The price of Change is unpredictable,
though labelled as free at the point of production,
yet a little more delay and it costs a fortune.
Shall we find something new to say about change that every sane man does not already know?
Should we stop talking about change even if its stalenews?
Are we going to stop trying a Change simply because we have failed yesterday?
Your answer to this Questions will determine why you should always visit this blog,

'Cos 2moro wee are still gonna talk about CHANGE'

My name is Oluwafemi, my friend endy calls me FM. Just like you, i have heard and read a lot about change too and i believe YES WE2CAN achieve it.